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Signature is open for business.

Tacking COVID-19 safety for a private airline service provider

What we did

Despite the unprecedented impact that the coronavirus (COVID-19) had on daily life around the world, including air travel coming to a near-halt, Signature Flight Support (SFS), the world’s largest fixed-base operator network, moved swiftly and decisively to make sure the essential services it provides were available. Also a priority was ensuring its customers’ and team members’ safety and well-being. SFS needed to get the message out that it was “open for business” and to make sure that the message and delivery did not appear tone-deaf.

After careful evaluation of industry research, social listening and consumer sentiment, R&R developed an inspirational messaging platform, “Together We All Rise,” centered around safety, the SFS team members, and the positive impact SFS was making across the communities it serves. R&R used a combination of paid and organic social to share these stories, keeping SFS top-of-mind among its core audiences, and driving traffic to the landing page.

By building its social platforms and developing customized audiences, R&R helped establish new channels to reach and communicate to its customers. Additionally, the messaging strategy allowed SFS to remain top-of-mind during a time when most competitors were not marketing. The campaign exceeded benchmarks established for click-through rates, engagement and time on site, and allowed SFS to begin the important step of increasing overall market share.

Mock up of Signature Flight social posts for advertising strategy

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Usage of social posts as part of a larger campaign strategy for Signature Flight Support

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