Phoenix Innovation District

Establishing a
city’s cultural
identity through

How downtown Phoenix came into its own

What we did


Although it is the sixth largest city in the nation, Phoenix really didn’t have a recognizable identity of its own. R&R came in to help establish downtown Phoenix as a hub for innovation, to unify the area while drawing in like-minded disrupters and renegades. To solidify the innovative mindset, we created PHX Core to not only be the epicenter of the brand campaign, but also the central core of the downtown identity moving forward.

The Work

Celebrating stubborn independence and unbridled ambition, PHX Core isn’t just a name, it’s a mindset that breathes life and identity into the city center, and it’s thriving.

Serving as a cultural hub, PHX Core is a very livable and walkable area and is home to more than 138 bars, restaurants and coffee shops. Employment is 24 times denser than the city at large, and the area boasts 85 tech-focused companies and startups. Because of this success, the residential population in PHX Core and the immediate surrounding area is on track to grow significantly.

Print collateral mock for branding development for Phoenix Innovation District

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Branding developed for Phoenix Innovation District

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The Results


denser employment in PHX Core vs PHX overall


tech-focused companies and startup firms in PHX Core


bars, restaurants, and coffee shops within PHX Core