Chrysalis – COVID Response

Staying home isn’t safe for everyone.

Defusing domestic violence with 10+ million impressions

What we did

As COVID-19 came onto the world stage, it brought another unintended side effect: a rise in domestic violence. Global pandemics allow for abuse to run rampant as abusers experience heightened levels of stress and uncertainty. Since the start of COVID-19, intimate partner violence (IPV) rates skyrocketed around the globe. Arizona saw a staggering 225% increase in domestic violence calls since the start of quarantine. While the world was being asked to stay at home to save lives, many literally risked their lives by doing so. Stay-at-home mandates isolate the most vulnerable populations from their loved ones and force them to remain in close quarters – with their abusers.

As violence was rising in Arizona, we needed to be sure that the community knew that Chrysalis, a Phoenix organization that provides support to victims of domestic violence, was still open and ready to help those who found themselves in an abusive home or relationship. At the same time, we needed the general public to realize that home isn’t always safe for everyone, even during a pandemic. Our campaign featured a simple and thought-provoking statement: Staying at home isn’t safe for everyone, with as the call to action. Even in the best of times, safety and confidentiality is critical to women attempting to escape abuse. The URL is a quick read and easy to recall, which is vital as many victims must wait until they are in a safe place to reach out to Chrysalis.

While we had an initial budget of $2,875, we were able to secure an additional $38,000 in added value placements to further Chrysalis’ important message throughout Arizona. We captured over 10 million impressions during the four-week campaign through OOH billboards, social media, Google search, and PSAs on radio and TV. On social, 78,000 people engaged with the campaign’s posts. On Instagram, 74 people privately saved Chrysalis’ messaging. At the shelter, Chrysalis was able to continue to serve those who needed their services most during these unprecedented times.

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The Results


increase in added value placements




people privately saved messaging on Instagram