Boeing 777X

Boeing 777X

Using AR and VR to create an immersive digital tour of the aircraft

What we did

When Boeing was ready to debut its new, huge 777X in 2018, it wanted to create anticipation through a fully engaging experience. R&R created an innovative reveal that would keep excitement high throughout the rollout, which included a series of content. All housed within its own website, the 777X reveal site served as a hub for everything associated with the new aircraft.

Starting with a captivating Flight Deck AR, users were placed in the 777X cockpit – complete with aviator glasses – and were able to navigate and fly through a beautifully curated background. Next, we gave users an immersive AR tour of the plane’s roomy business-class section, with interactive hot spots showcasing the amazing onboard features. We punctuated the full digital experience at the 2019 Paris Airshow with a full VR installation with Oculus Go headsets, allowing guests to virtually sit in economy class and learn about features that set this plane apart from its predecessors.

This series’ rollout not only gave users a life-like experience, but garnered anticipation for the forthcoming airplane.