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Government Affairs

At R&R Partners, we don’t just build brands, we build lasting relationships that deliver real-world impact for our partners. As industry leaders in government and public affairs, we have a skilled group of bipartisan legislative, public policy and issue advocacy experts who will help you access, persuade and motivate constituents, key stakeholders and elected officials.

Dedicated to helping you successfully navigate the complex work of public policy, we’re with you every step of the way – lobbying our nation’s governors, pounding the pavement on Capitol Hill, problem-solving with federal agencies, and helping move public opinion. No matter the problem, we are relentless in our unmatched pursuit of its most optimal solution.

Brand identity extends far beyond a slick logo – it’s an essence – a core purpose of your cause. And as your fearless advocate, we are relentless in our pursuit of the best possible messaging to move the needle on your behalf. Determined through research and insight, executed through the lens of your boots-on-the-ground lobbying strategy, our approach is unrivaled, our outcomes undeniable.

Our People

Pete Ernaut

Pete Ernaut

Ryan McGinness

Michon Martin

Catherine Cole

Robert Behunin, Ph.D.

Regan Comis

Nick Vassiliadis

Allison Combs

Michael Brown

Tiffeny Yen-Louie

Matthew Driscoll

Ashley Damele

Bobby Ernaut

Matt McKnight