Tobacco Prevention and Control Program (Puffing Pets)

Smoking facts
that hit close
to home

Increasing quit service enrollments by 30%

What we did

Following a successful, emotionally driven anti-smoking television ad campaign that helped quit attempts among parents, the Tobacco Prevention and Control Program (TPCP) asked R&R to help them reach another target audience: young males without children who don’t watch much TV.

The Work

Through a combination of research and community observation, we discovered that although the target market didn’t have kids or families living at home, they did have pets and were active online. And research showed that secondhand smoke effects pets as much as children.

R&R recruited real pets to star in our social ads and added visual effects to make it appear as if the animals were puffing on cigarettes, pipes and cigars. The message was simple, “If you smoke, your pets smoke,” and it’s damaging their health.

The results were impressive. The videos had over an 80% completion rate, and in the first months, visits to tripled from the same time the previous year. Time spent on also doubled. Quit service enrollments, both by telephone and online, increased 30%.

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The Results


video completion rate


site visit


quit service enrollments