Parents Empowered

Delivering knowledge
through adventure

Using a customized escape room to create awareness

What we did and the Salt Lake County Libraries put their heads together to dually promote growing strong brains through reading while simultaneously protecting them from the dangers of underage drinking. They called on R&R to help create awareness about their two worthwhile causes. When presented with the opportunity to showcase at FanX, we transformed our 10x10 booth into a customized escape room.

Using thrifted goods and the craftmanship of our senior art director, Brett Smith, we were able to stay well under our $10,000 budget, while still creating something truly immersive.

Groups of four or less were invited into evil Dr. Vorg’s laboratory where they would work together using clues found inside library books with the goal to escape the lab. Each series of clues included facts about underage drinking, educating the audience about ParentsEmpowered’s message.

By the end of FanX’s first day, we were booked solid for the rest of the conference, with over 200 people taking part in the experience. Due to popular demand, the escape room will be part of Sheriff’s Trunk or Treat event in Davis County, and the Salt Lake County Libraries are eager to host the room at their branches.

Creative marketing campaign for Parents Empowered using Escape Rooms

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