Citizens Clean Elections Commission

voters with credible

Bringing confidence and education to the polls

In 1998, voters passed Arizona’s Citizens Clean Elections Commission (CCEC), which intended to establish an unbiased, nonpartisan source for information about the candidates and where they stand on the issues. In 2016, CCEC turned to R&R to increase awareness, encourage participation, and rebuild trust in the political process and the Voter Education Guide.

The Work

We determined that lack of knowledge and an overabundance of material were barriers for participation, so we simplified the information and delivered it in an easy-to-understand, interactive way. Through apps, infographics, redesigned website and social engagement, alongside traditional media activations (TV, print, radio, OOH), we were able to make 14,459,000 impressions, while Pandora ads delivered more than 3,101,600 impressions. Also, 95% of voters claimed they understood how to vote (up 13% from prior year), and confidence in the Voter Education Guide grew to 74%.

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The Results


digital ad impressions


Pandora ad impressions


voters understood ways to vote