Anheuser-Busch: Devils Backbone

Devils Backbone
Brewing Company

Engaging Customers with Augmented Reality

What we did


To roll out its newest campaign, “Slow by Nature,” Devils Backbone Brewing Company wanted customers to feel a deeper connection with the brand. Each package had its own unique character with its own story to tell. With augmented reality, we created an experience that would let users interact with Devils Backbone’s product in a way they never could before, while telling the brand’s compelling story.

The process began when users scanned the printed QR code using their cellphone’s camera and were introduced to a cast of fun characters. Meet a cheeky barn swallow making bird impressions on the Vienna Lager; sing along with the soulful bass as he tells about oyster restoration in Chesapeake Bay on the Striped Ball Pale Ale; or interact with an anxious dog on Gold Leaf Lager, who serves as the antithesis of the slow-brewing process.

The captivating artwork coupled with engaging technology created a memorable experience for users and further developed a loyal relationship between the brewers and their customers.

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